• Warranty Conditions 10Y!
  • Installation instructions UNICLIC
  • Underfloor heating
  • Plank Floor

    Plank Floor

    • Remove any existing floor covering first.
    • Make sure the plank floor is stable. Nail down any loose parts and apply a leveling layer (Softboard) if necessary.
    • Install the Uniclic® panels crosswise to the direction of the existing subfloor.
    • It is necessary that the crawl space under the plank floor is sufficiently ventilated. Remove any obstacles and provide sufficient ventilation (minimum 4 cm (1-1/2”) of total ventilation holes per meter (40”) of floor). The moisture content of the wood may not exceed 12%.
  • Maintenance


    • UNICLIC®’s smooth surface means it never retains dirt or dust.
    • NEVER use wax or varnish coating on the floor
    • For dry maintenance, use a duster (oil-free) or vacuum cleaner
    • For damp maintenance, wipe with clean water with or without UNICLIC® CLEANING PR DUCT. (Never use other cleaning products or detergents!) This will get your floor very clean and give it a satin sheen. Always ensure you use a WELL WRUNG OUT CLOTH. ALWAYS WIPE DRY IMMEDIATELY until no moisture is visible on the floor. If you do not dry wipe your floor the Uniclic® cleaning product will have virtually no impact.
    • Remove stubborn stains carefully with a little acetone. Never use scouring products!
    • UNICLIC® is fixed onto a watertight glued HDF board. Despite its relatively moisture-resistant qualities, excess water must be removed immediately.